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Educational Quality Standards

Instructors must meet Community Expectations before being able to create and submit their learning experience. The Educational Quality Standards are in place to help ensure that member expectations are met when they enroll in a learning experience.
Every learning experience submitted is reviewed and must meet our 4 standards of Educational Quality.

The Educational Quality Standards are defined as:


Members that teach or instruct must have in-depth knowledge of the topic or theme of the learning experience. Although they may not be professional instructors, they must exhibit sufficient mastery and proven proficiency.


Learning experiences must meet format standards that include a syllabus or outline. The subject matter or skill must include not only an active learning component, but relevant theory and concepts related to the subject matter.


Learning experience are meant to be face-to-face, in-person, and hands-on. This means that although an teacher or instructor does not need to include written material and/or guides, they must provide a sufficient level of instruction delivered in a safe and effective environment.


The Learning experience must provide a discernible outcome or completion point whereby the student or learner can demonstrate that a transfer of skill or knowledge has taken place. Upon completion, the student or learner must be able to prove their proficiency through competency testing, or completion of a deliverable project.

Other requirements for learning experiences

In addition, all experiences and teachers and instructors must comply with the terms and conditions set forth in our Terms of Service. Here is a summary of some of these additional requirements:


Teachers and instructors must provide complete and accurate information about their learning experience, including a syllabus or outline, time and date, location, what materials or equipment are included, and specific experience outcomes or goals (i.e.; "after you complete this learning experience you will be able to..."), etc.

Commitment to deliver:

Teachers and instuctors must honor all dates and details included in the learning experience, unless they are forced to cancel due to a valid extenuating circumstance. They must deliver all learning-material included in the syllabus or outline, materials and equipment as described, and provide sufficient instruction to the student or learner pertaining to the described outcome.

Minimum Lrnur review ratings:

Learning experiences with too many low-star (1, 2, or 3-star) reviews or an average rating below 4.7 may be removed from the site.