Revolutionising Everyday Learning

Local workshops, classes and courses taught hands-on, human-to-human by passionate experts.


Anyone can teach. Anyone can learn. Everyone can grow.

Our peer to peer learning platform instantly connects you with local skilled Instructors offering courses, classes and workshops, so you can learn new skills and knowledge, every day. 


A Community Promoting Lifelong Learning

Lrnur is a continuing education platform and community that promotes lifelong learning and the mutual sharing of knowledge & skills.

We use technology to empower individuals to share knowledge & skills. We provide a safe and secure platform for learners to connect with instructors for the transfer of expertise through in-person, hands-on, face-to-face, educational learning experiences.

Our system provides tools, support, standards and guidelines for quality learning experiences, with measurable learning outcomes. It could be a language, an instrument, a culinary art, a fine art, a life skill, a lifestyle skill, a sport, or almost anything else.




Leadership Team


Tyler Rygus

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Tyler is the co-founder, CEO, and Champion of Community at Lrnur. Based on a business idea originally conceptualized in 2015, Tyler started the company with Trent Jackson in 2018. As Champion of Community, Tyler focuses on building culture and a community of members that share his passion for lifelong learning and continuing education. Tyler believes that the best classroom is not a classroom at all, and that all of us have the ability to teach, learn and grow.


Trent Jackson

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Trent Jackson is an experienced entrepreneur, organizational architect and avid product builder. As Chief Product Officer at Lrnur, Trent leads the companies product and innovation strategy. With a relentless focus on full-stack growth, customer acquisition and client experience, Trent drives the execution of Lrnur's learning experience network.

Trent believes that the accessibility of education and learning is greatly increased by empowering peers to exchange knowledge and skill. He holds a Bachelor of Management in Finance from University of Lethbridge.




Learning through experience

A learning experience is a workshop, or a course designed by an inspiring individual. It is an in-person, hands-on, face-to-face educational connection hosted by someone that possesses mastery of a theme or topic who is willing to share their knowledge with others that want to learn. Lrnur is not an institutional learning environment such as a school, college or university. It is not an online platform for delivering course content or instructional videos. Lrnur is a platform promoting learning through shared experiences between people; human-to-human and peer-to-peer. The world becomes our classroom, and our experiences become our education.


A human to human community connecting passionate people with experienced instructors through hands on learning experiences.

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