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Anyone can teach. Anyone can learn. Everyone can grow.
Find workshops and courses in your area and learn something new.



Explore classes, workshops and learning experiences around you.



Review listing details and book within minutes



Learn a new skill, find a new passion and have fun

How Lrnur Works

1. Explore classes, workshops and learning experiences around you.

Explore hobbies, develop a skill, and build knowledge. Connect with local experts in person or stream online.

2. Easily book a class, workshop or learning experience hosted.

Our booking system makes it easy to discover new skills, ask the instructor any questions before you book and invite friends. 

3. Pay in a few click & receive confirmation for your spot.

Once you find your new learning experience, you can book your spot in just a few clicks. Our system will send you confirmation, all details, and you can reach out to your instructor any time through Lrnur.

Keeping Members Safe & Secure


Protection Insurance

In the case of injury or property damage, our Protection Insurance protects members from liability claims up to a million dollars, included free for every Lrnur.


Payment Security

Users are protected from payment fraud, cancellations, and disputes. Payment security ensures that money is collected and that members adhere to standards of service delivery, and cancellation terms and policies.


Community of Trust

All community members must submit a profile photo and verify their phone & email. Users can also require a government ID verification. Community members publish ratings & reviews keeping everyone accountable and respectful.

All Types of Classes & Workshops

Learn new skills one-on-one or join with friends, there are all kinds learning experiences available on Lrnur.